1986: i was born to ross and janet barber in lubbock, tx

2005-2009: i studied mass communications at texas tech university, focusing on photography, radio and film

2010: i became a chair nerd, collecting and selling my favorite post-war designs

2011: i got obsessed with powder coating chairs and learned the process from my friend and mentor, jonathan shelby, at quality coatings in lubbock, tx

2013: i moved to marfa with my chairs and rented a place to live and work (across from big stripes) where i was open to the public until the pandemic

2015: i came to find more interest in making art, drifting away from furniture

2016: i first witnessed the work of robert irwin, with chinati's opening of "dusk to dawn" 

2017: i outfitted an additional studio in marfa entirely dedicated to powder coating where all of my work is made today

2018: i had my first solo exhibitions: one in mexico city at fenomena studio and one in my hometown at the texas tech architecture school

2019-2020: i continued making art and returned to making furniture that was inspired by my art

2020-2021: i began to explore industrial powder coating, taking on projects of all kinds here in the big bend region

2022: i refocused my attention on art - starting with my smaller found object work and created this website / catalogue

2023: i continue to learn and love what i do